Up for an adventure? 
Check out a few of the diverse areas you'll explore!


Scavenger Hunt Challenge Categories:

  • Physical Challenges (not necessarily related to strength or endurance though...)
  • Science/Educational Challenges
  • Charity Challenges
  • Performing/Arts Challenges
  • And of course, Geographic Checkpoint Challenges! 

First off, are any tasks mandatory? No. Some tasks are PG-13, some are G rated...some are just plain ridiculous. 

Team Captains will be given a Secret Dossier the morning of the event with all the challenges clearly listed with point values assigned to each challenge.  

Each team receives the same challenges. It's up to the team to determine which challenges they undertake. 

The course is designed to be do-able for folks that aren't particularly the physically active/fit type. 


1. All participants must be 14+ to participate. Any minors MUST be accompanied by their parent or guardian. Some challenges may require 18+ or 21+ so bring along folks that can rise to the occasion if need be. By registering you and your teammates fully agree to the Official Rules.

2. Safety and observing all local laws is mandatory. IMPORTANT: Part of this challenge course will require you drive through Border Patrol inspection stations. Use common sense about what your team has on their person or in the car. The dogs are pretty good at their job. We encourage creative approaches to the challenges presented however it does not mean you are entitled to be a jerk to anyone. Everyone is here for fun and a chance at winning some cash and helping out local charities so please register with the intention of being a good sport

3. Teams consist of 2-5 members and need to occupy the team registered vehicle for the event. Exception: If you are in an RV, your Team may have up to however many people you can legally transport! 

4. All challenges that have been completed require photo or video documentation, so teams have to bring along a camera, phone or other device capable of uploading pictures and video at the end of the course and prior to midnight.  A PC will be provided at the end checkpoint and it's important for the teams to ensure all their adventures have been documented and uploaded so points can be calculated and votes counted. Awards ceremony at 10am on Sunday! 

5. Completed challenges are point based. Highest accumulated team points wins first prize! All challenges are listed in the Secret Dossier and have point values assigned to each one so your team can decide what to tackle for highest point score.  Teams must complete at least one challenge in each category to qualify for first place. 

6. Other awards include a Congeniality award and a Theme award - these are voted on by all participating team members at the end checkpoint so it pays to be kind to your fellow adventurers, and creative too.  

7. Speaking of themes, feel free to decorate your vehicle and yourselves in any manner which you see fit. Your team name should convey this. We will be taking pictures and posting publicly throughout the event.   

8. Registration and issuing of wristbands, taking team photo and assigning the Secret Dossier begins at 7:30am. The deadline for making it to the end checkpoint is that same day at 8pm. Your team may be able to accomplish all the challenges but it's not likely. Only teams that make it back to the end checkpoint by 8pm are qualified to win the first prize. Everyone that makes it back (before 10pm) will be camping, eating and socializing and in the running for other awards. Plan your challenges and manage your time if you want a shot at the big cash prize!   

9. The Secret Dossier is issued the morning of the event. After you have your Secret Dossier and taken your team photo/gotten wristbands you can hit the road. Included in the Secret Dossier will be an overall course map, a CD you'll need for one of the challenges (make sure you have a CD player in the car), a checkpoint card and a copy of these rules.  Only two people will know what the challenges are, and we're sworn to secrecy! No challenge hints will be provided to anyone for any reason. We want a fair playing field.

Items to bring: 

  • Photo and video capable phone or camera that can be uploaded to a PC without too much fuss. Don't forget your charger. Let me say it again, don't forget your charger. 

  • Some team spending cash. A couple of the challenges require that you spend money, unless you are great at negotiation of free goods/services from strangers.  For budget purposes, $100 for the entire team would cover it. It's important to explain that you wouldn't have to spend anywhere near this amount unless you go for one of the more extreme/high point value challenges. Some of this money will go for charitable challenges but the amount you ultimately decide to spend will be entirely up to you. 

  • A musical instrument or two (we don't care what kind it is) may be helpful for some of the challenges. For example, a circus slide whistle is quite portable and just the thing for a long car trip. 

  • Camping gear for one night at a State Park. It's up to you if you want to camp in your car, a tent, an RV...and bring whatever makes you comfortable.

  • Some gently used clothes and a new toy. For donation to a local agency. Details will be in the Secret Dossier.   

  • Whatever other items you'd expect to have on hand for a long road trip. The course is a little over 300 miles, one way!  Water, snacks, some good music, etc.  Check the weather, you'll want to be able to layer clothing for comfort. Course will likely go through some snowy areas however we don't anticipate snow at the campsite. Again, check the weather the night before the event to make sure you'll be comfy. 

10. The event will go on, rain/snow or shine. Sorry, no refunds given unless the event is cancelled by the organizers. If the event is cancelled, you will get a 100% refund of all fees paid within three days of an official cancellation notice. 

Distribution of money collected:
50% prize pool 
30% cost of event (food, campsites, merriment making supplies, etc.)
20% recognized local charity 

If you have any questions about this event, please contact the organizers!